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How we started


Afferent is the story of our desire of making every day things we use smart and proactive. We, the founders, have known each other for ten years ever since we got together to build the foundation of what would become one of the world's largest sustainable energy cookstove solutions. Our interest has since moved to technology and we work now with design, electronics and fabrics to see if we can imagine something you will use tomorrow

Why Afferent?

In an age, where everything is changing rapidly, there is no reason why a few things should get left behind.

Making  dumb things intelligent is exciting and fun.

We are self-funded, willing to invest in bold ideas.

Whether you are a partner or a prospective employee, we would love to hear your thoughts on this space.

What's your idea?

Our Team

Mukund Deogaonkar

Co-Founder & CEO, Afferent 

Ex-BP executive, Entrepreneur, Technology enthusiast, Startup mentor and Big thinker

Prameet Kamat

CoFounder and Investor, Afferent 

BE, MBA, Indian School Of Business

Ex-BP, DuPont executive, Technology enthusiast, 

Milind Shende

Manager, Afferent 

BE(ENTC) ,an passionate entrepreneur and embedded system expertBE( E & TC) with an exp of 7 years


Sanya Donald,

Lead Designer, Afferent 

NID Graduate,

Launched more than 12 product concepts in three years. 

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