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Data Management

In a highly mobile world, data is the name of the game. Add to this the widespread availability and use of technologies such as GPS, GSM and the high-speed Internet together with full-featured smartphones and the need for intelligent and secure remote data management becomes paramount.

Today, there is a significant rise in the demand for remote data management to monitor and control processes, to ensure the safety and security of Infrastructure, automate homes and remote project execution as well as in power stations where unmanned data needs to be gathered over prolonged durations.

Afferent's embedded engineering expertise in IOT systems helps its customers address these challenges with its solutions for remote data management using optimised combinations of GPS, GSM, GPRS & the Web.

Flying a Drone

Wireless Integration

Smart devices have begun to play an important part in day-to-day life and it is widely believed that these types of devices will outnumber any other forms of smart computing and communication in a very short time. As the numbers of smart devices and their communication capabilities increase, the desire for better aesthetics and ease of Implementation leads to even higher demand. Add to this the multitude of communication protocols such as RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, Zigbee or customised protocols as well as wireless data collections and what you have is a great opportunity!

Afferent with its expertise in IOT, Embedded systems, wireless technologies and devices has helped its client to implement an intelligent home automation solution as well as another one for automatic meter readings.

Learning to use smartphone

Mobile and Web Applications

Smartphones are everywhere nowadays and come in many shapes and sizes. With a very high level of penetration there's a great opportunity to use a proven platform that requires minimum user training and offers a high degree of flexibility. Data management is important in industrial applications and collaboration is a key factor that ensures an efficient and quality controlled manufacturing process. The integration of industrial products with web-based process applications ensure this. What's more, the combination of easy-to-use hardware and the capability to use mobile applications that easily interact with the hardware give us the edge to offer a multitude of effective solutions to our customers.

Afferent helped a client develop a battery-operated Bluetooth device that interacts with an Android and iPhone app developed in-house by Afferent to give a unique operational experience to the user.

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