Wearable Technology is broken.

I hate everything wearable technology today. Nothing seems to do what its supposed to. Not even for a little while.

What is wearable technology ? Well, its technology you wear clearly, and generally includes a few sensors that can give data. For more (http://www.wareable.com/wearable-tech/what-is-wearable-tech-753)

Reason #1 : The data is inaccurate.

Whether you believe the stories or not, we have all had experiences that make us go "wait, my body did that?"

Its not FUN when you pay 200$ for a product and then find the data wasn't accurate. Would you tolerate that in a watch?


Reason #2 : The data doesn't matter. It's not doing anything anyway.

So, if we were to get accurate data, what would we do with it? What's the device doing except throwing data at me? What happens when I learn my data patterns and there is no real change to it? So, as it happens, the highest utility of my WT device is on the day I buy it, and declines with every usage. That's a problem.

Reason #3: Not everyone loves data.

Is it a very engineering thing to love graphs and leaderboards and decimal numbers? I just don't see it appealing to every body. We are getting cool texts and reminders to work out or jog but are we getting any insight.

So where does WT go from here?

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